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Our Work

REL Central works in collaboration with school districts, state departments of education, and other stakeholders to address high-leverage needs in our region. Our work centers on three main activities:

  • Conducting applied research to solve practical problems and foster deeper understanding of education challenges and processes.
  • Disseminating current, actionable research evidence, and engaging with practitioners and policymakers in understanding that evidence.
  • Providing training, coaching, and technical support related to the application and use of credible research to meet the needs of our stakeholders.

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Discover how we work in partnership with states to support understanding and use of evidence-based practices to improve student outcomes.
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Featured Publication

Report cover: Measuring Civic Readiness: A Review of Survey Scales

Measuring Civic Readiness: A Review of Survey Scales

The resource provides guidance for state and local education agency staff and others on identifying, comparing, and contrasting survey scales that measure a variety of civic readiness categories. It describes the format and structure of 183 survey scales, details the civic readiness categories measured, and summarizes associated reliability and validity evidence.

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Featured Infographic

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Which math domains are associated with Algebra I success?

Educators in Missouri were interested in whether results on their already required grade 7 state math assessment could be used as an alternative to an additional Algebra I placement exam. To inform strategies that address this challenge, Regional Educational Laboratory Central examined student knowledge and skills in five grade 7 math domains to identify which domains were associated with student achievement in Algebra I in grade 8.