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Our Work

REL Central works in collaboration with school districts, state departments of education, and other stakeholders to address high-leverage needs in our region. Our work centers on three main activities:

  • Conducting applied research to solve practical problems and foster deeper understanding of education challenges and processes.
  • Disseminating current, actionable research evidence, and engaging with practitioners and policymakers in understanding that evidence.
  • Providing training, coaching, and technical support related to the application and use of credible research to meet the needs of our stakeholders.

Discover REL Central
Discover how we work in partnership with states to support understanding and use of evidence-based practices to improve student outcomes.
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Featured Publication

Report: Factors Related to Teacher Mobility and Attrition in Colorado, Missouri, and South Dakota

A Guide for Monitoring District Implementation of Educator Evaluation Systems

This guide can be used by states or districts to monitor the implementation of educator evaluation systems.

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Featured Infographic

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What Influences Teacher Attrition

This infographic describes key predictors of teacher movement in three central region states.