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Ask A REL: How to Tap Our Free Research Support

Do you have research questions about education policies, programs, and practices? We're here to help. Simply complete the "Submit A Question" form below, and our team will respond to your question. Ask A REL is a collaborative reference desk service provided by the ten Regional Educational Laboratories (RELs) and functions much in the same way as a technical reference library. It provides references, referrals, and brief responses in the form of citations on research based education questions. After you submit a question, our researchers conduct a search of databases and websites maintained by federally funded organizations, research institutions, and education agencies, as well as online search engines. Then we email you a list of relevant peer-reviewed research, which may include policy reports, literature reviews, and publications selected on the basis of factors such as date of publication, publisher and funder, and the methodology used. We may also refer you to other federally funded organizations that may be able to assist you. All Ask A REL responses are also posted to the website to share with other users and can be accessed through the search function below.


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Use the form below to submit a question to our researchers. Your name, email, and question will be sent directly to the appropriate REL and will not be stored by the Institute of Education Sciences.