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Cleveland Collaboration for English Learner Success

Collaboration Facilitator

Lyzz Davis

Collaboration Objective

The objective of REL Midwest's collaboration with the Cleveland Metropolitan School District is to analyze the effects of the district's Multilingual Multicultural Education Program on language proficiency and content area knowledge development for English learners.


  • José González, Director of the Office of Multilingual Multicultural Education, Cleveland Metropolitan School District
  • Loulou Elias, Multilingual Manager for Grades 9-12, Cleveland Metropolitan School District
  • Matt Linick, Executive Director of Research and Evaluation, Cleveland Metropolitan School District

Training, Coaching, and Technical Support Projects

Research Agenda-Setting Workshops

REL Midwest used a structured workshop to introduce the concept and process of developing a grounded research agenda to Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) staff. The purposes of the workshop were to help our partners identify their research priorities and translate them into a set of research questions that lend themselves to an actionable three- to five-year research agenda. Workshop materials (slides [2.00 MB PDF icon ] and a meeting agenda [136 KB PDF icon ]) and CMSD’s resulting research agenda [196 KB PDF icon ] are available for download.

Additionally, REL Midwest is building on this project by training leaders from CMSD’s educational researcher-practitioner partnership, the Cleveland Alliance for Education Research (CAER), to conduct their own research agenda-setting workshops for schools throughout the district. The resulting research questions will align with stakeholder priorities, guide future CMSD research, and help build a larger research alliance in the long term.

Works in Progress

School- and Student-Level Factors Associated with Academic Outcomes for English Learners in an Urban Midwest School District

This study will examine six consecutive cross-sections of English learner students in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District in grades 3–8 from school years 2011/12 through 2016/17. The study will summarize the characteristics of the students and the features of the schools they attend, then examine the correlations between student and school characteristics and student performance on state assessments.