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Iowa Learning and Technology Networked Improvement Community

Partnership Facilitator

Tori Cirks

Research Liaison

Jonathan Margolin

Partnership Objective

The objective of the Iowa Learning and Technology Networked Improvement Community is to bring together rural districts in Iowa to engage in continuous improvement research activities to identify effective ways of integrating technology into instructional practice.


  • BGM Community School District
    • JR Glenn, History Teacher
    • Jeremy Mize, Instructional Coach
    • Rick Radcliffe, Principal
    • Jessica Routier, English Teacher
  • Dike-New Hartford Community Schools
    • Irv Laube, Principal
    • Lauren Petri, Language Arts Teacher
    • Amy Seitz, Teacher Leader
    • Joanna Seymour, Integrationist
    • Allie Thompson, Language Arts Teacher
  • Central Rivers Area Education Agency
    • Michelle Cowell, Instructional Technology Consultant
    • Sarah Lalk, Technology Service Coordinator
    • Corey Rogers, School Improvement Consultant
    • Kay Schmalen, Science/Technology Consultant

Training, Coaching, and Technical Support Projects

In-Depth Coaching and Consultation to Support the Iowa NIC

REL Midwest is providing in-depth coaching and consultation in Iowa to help stakeholders identify the programs and practices that support the integration of technology into classroom instruction. The following materials are available for download and additional modules will be made available after each coaching session:

Works in Progress

Instructional Technology Practices Among Rural Public High Schools in Iowa               

This study is using existing survey data to describe how educators in rural high schools use technology for teaching and learning, the challenges they face when integrating technology, and the factors that support the adoption of technology. Findings about technology use in rural high schools can inform policymakers in Iowa and other mostly rural states about these challenges and supporting factors.