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Other Training and Coaching

Indiana Social and Emotional Learning Implementation Coaching

The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) requested support from REL Midwest following the release of statewide social and emotional learning (SEL) competencies. IDOE is exploring how to best support schools and districts in SEL implementation and, ultimately, to achieve their SEL goals. REL Midwest is providing coaching and consultation to IDOE staff to ensure that SEL implementation plans and materials are strongly supported by the research. REL Midwest then will work with pilot districts and schools in Indiana that are interested in implementing SEL into their schoolwide practices and curriculum.

Indiana Analytical Algebra II Rollout Coaching

IDOE recently created a new course—Analytical Algebra II—as an alternative to Algebra II that focuses on the application of algebraic concepts to help students become quantitatively literate global citizens. To encourage more schools to offer the course, IDOE is offering virtual and in-person trainings for teachers and administrators to learn more. REL Midwest is providing coaching support to IDOE on developing and facilitating the training sessions, communicating with teachers and schools, and conceptualizing postrollout analyses of course access and enrollment.

IL-EMPOWER Pilot Data Coaching

In 2018, the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) implemented a pilot of IL-EMPOWER, a statewide initiative to provide school districts with the resources they need to support individual school improvement while offering opportunities for choice and voice. REL Midwest provided coaching for ISBE staff as they collected and analyzed data about the pilot. The coaching helped ISBE staff improve the IL-EMPOWER implementation process and built ISBE’s capacity to continue this work as new policies, programs, and practices are introduced.