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Back-to-school metrics: How to assess conditions for teaching and learning and to measure student progress during the COVID-19 pandemic

By Susan Bowles Therriault | September 28, 2020

With a new school year underway, educators can use these metrics to assess school and classroom conditions and measure student progress in remote or hybrid learning environments.


Meaningful online education for our youngest learners: Tips to reconcile the need for e-learning with how young children learn best

By Jill Bowdon | August 25, 2020

As schools reopen for fall, many will be incorporating e-learning and educational technology. To support young learners, explore these tips to ensure that e-learning is developmentally appropriate.


Resource roundup: Returning to school during COVID-19

By Sara Mitrano | August 25, 2020

School districts across the country have begun to reopen for in-person, remote, or blended learning. We rounded up resources from across the REL network to help administrators and teachers foster positive learning environments amid the uncertainties caused by COVID-19.


Three ways early childhood educators can support young children and their caregivers during the COVID-19 health crisis

By Aleksandra Holod | May 13, 2020

We draw on research and the science of child development to highlight three strategies early childhood educators can use to support young learners and their caregivers at home.


Plan and deliver: Educating students with disabilities in remote settings

By Teri A. Marx, Ph.D. | April 22, 2020

Explore these promising and evidence-based practices and resources for guidance on supporting and educating students with disabilities in remote settings.


Guidance for navigating remote learning for English learner students

By Rebecca Bergey, Ed.D., and Patricia Garcia-Arena, Ph.D. | April 17, 2020

For guidance on providing remote instruction to English learner students, explore these strategies that build on what we know about the unique experiences and needs of these students.


Education Week spotlights researcher and practitioner perspectives on online teacher survey

Emily Kirkwood | December 15, 2017

Check us out in Education Week! A former alliance lead and two members wrote about our study on online teachers’ experiences to illustrate a research-practice partnership in action.



Beating the odds (2)

Charter Schools (2)

College and Career Readiness (42)

Data Use (32)

Discipline (4)

Early Childhood (31)

Educator Effectiveness (36)

English Learners (10)

Literacy (11)

Math (1)

Online Courses (7)

Research Tools (2)

Rural (14)

Teacher Preparation (24)

Teacher Recruitment (2)

Teacher Retention (2)

Teacher Workforce (14)

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