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Blog – Educator Effectiveness

Taking steps toward competency-based education

By Cora Goldston | September 27, 2021

How can you tell when a student truly knows the material? Competency-based education is one approach. Find out how REL Midwest is supporting a shift to competency-based education in Minnesota.


REL Midwest study explores teacher supports to promote teacher retention

By Mia Mamone | September 20, 2021

For states and districts addressing teacher shortages, a new REL Midwest report identifies teacher supports that were associated with teacher retention at the local level in Michigan.


Learning for a lifetime and the power of relationships

By Jessy Newman | July 22, 2021

As educators plan for in-person learning this fall, they have an opportunity to rebuild after the disruption of the pandemic with a focus on what matters most for learning and development. In this blog post, an expert on social and emotional learning explores the power of relationships to bolster student re-engagement and achievement.


Using data to achieve equitable outcomes

By Sara Mitrano | June 28, 2021

Two REL Midwest coaches answer questions on how they help partner districts and organizations apply continuous improvement processes to achieve equitable outcomes.


New report examines a state professional development program on using culturally responsive practices to support Black students

By Sara Mitrano | January 21, 2021

REL Midwest studied participation and outcomes for a Wisconsin professional development program designed to guide schools in implementing culturally responsive practices. Learn about our findings.


Leveraging research to promote equitable learning opportunities for students of color

By Maggi Ibis | October 28, 2020

District leaders with the Janesville school district share how resources developed through the REL Midwest Achievement Gap Research Alliance are helping them close opportunity gaps and promote educational equity.


Nurture the soil while planting the seeds: Three actions for creating inclusive and antiracist environments for Black teachers

By Jameela Conway-Turner and Kyle Fagan | October 28, 2020

Hiring and retaining Black teachers can improve outcomes for Black students, yet Black teachers are more likely than their White colleagues to leave the profession. Learn three actions educators can take to support an inclusive and antiracist workplace.


Resource roundup: Culturally responsive practices

By Cora Goldston | October 28, 2020

National conversations related to social justice and antiracism reinforce the importance of culturally responsive education. Browse these resources from across the REL network for evidence-based recommendations to support culturally responsive practices.


Back-to-school metrics: How to assess conditions for teaching and learning and to measure student progress during the COVID-19 pandemic

By Susan Bowles Therriault | September 28, 2020

With a new school year underway, educators can use these metrics to assess school and classroom conditions and measure student progress in remote or hybrid learning environments.


Training and coaching resources to support evidence-based practice, the growth of educators and leaders, and student outcomes

By Maggi Ibis | September 28, 2020

Check out our growing collection of training and coaching resources, featuring strategies and tools that support the use of research in practice in areas such as educator effectiveness and teacher preparation.


Resource roundup: Equity

By Maggi Ibis | July 24, 2020

Schools nationwide are prioritizing a commitment to improving equity in the classroom and beyond. To support these efforts, we rounded up equity-related resources from across the REL network.


Going big to promote racial equity in education: Our expanding Midwest Achievement Gap Research Alliance

By Felice Trirogoff | February 25, 2020

In honor of Black History Month, we highlight how our Midwest Achievement Gap Research Alliance has gone regionwide to improve Black students’ opportunities.


REL Midwest public TV documentary examines Black students’ higher education aspirations

By Laura Checovich | February 25, 2020

REL Midwest hosted two screenings of our new public television documentary High Hopes and Higher Education: Honoring Black Students’ Aspirations in Madison, Wisconsin.


Championing social and emotional learning at the state level

August 21, 2019

REL Midwest is providing coaching to the Indiana Department of Education on how best to support schools and districts as they integrate social and emotional learning into practice.


New report examines technology use in instruction in rural schools

By Laura Checovich | July 22, 2019

REL Midwest examined rural Iowa high schools to learn more about teachers’ integration of technology into instructional practice. Read on to see what we found.


Cultivating and celebrating Black students’ strengths: “Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave”

By Jameela Conway-Turner and Kyle Fagan | June 27, 2019

A recent Wisconsin conference drew on REL Midwest research to promote promising practices for cultivating and celebrating the strengths of Black students.


The power of centering equity in social and emotional learning

By Joni Wackwitz | June 27, 2019

A recent REL Midwest webinar explored the intersections between equity and social and emotional development and showcased practices to promote equitable SEL.


Building the capacity of school boards to support Black student achievement and close opportunity gaps

By Joni Wackwitz | February 14, 2019

School boards can play a critical role in closing opportunity and achievement gaps. Learn how REL Midwest is working to build the capacity of Wisconsin board members to support Black students.


Infographic: Integrating a focus on equity into social and emotional learning

January 17, 2019

This infographic highlights strategies for grounding social and emotional learning in a focus on equity to help all children reach their full potential.


Connecting across contexts: Promising practices to support Black students

By Marguerite Huber | September 21, 2018

Learn how REL Midwest’s new research review and video on promising practices for supporting Black students are sparking interest across the region.


How can we increase quality educational opportunities for Black students? Conduct a gap analysis

Cora Goldston | July 5, 2018

REL Midwest’s infographic explains how educators can conduct a gap analysis to compare current policies and practices with research on improving educational outcomes among Black students.


Resource roundup: Summer learning

Joni Wackwitz | June 22, 2018

Grab a cold drink, find a comfortable spot in the sun, and browse our roundup of high-quality resources on summer learning from across the REL network.


What is leadership coaching? How REL Midwest is supporting state strategic plans

Cora Goldston | June 22, 2018

REL Midwest conducts coaching to help state education agency leaders navigate change. Learn more about this service and how REL Midwest is helping one agency accomplish its strategic goals.


Video: Supporting Black students’ excellence

June 22, 2018

Teachers and administrators in Wisconsin’s Racine Unified School District are implementing several strategies to improve educational outcomes for Black students.


Ask A REL resource roundup

Marguerite Huber | March 22, 2018

Look no further than the Ask A REL reference desk for your education research questions. Check out this compilation of our most recent Ask A REL responses across a variety of topics.


Research alliances: Structures for collaboration

Marguerite Huber | January 26, 2018

REL Midwest is committed to using research in education. Our new video highlights the role practitioners play in driving REL Midwest research activities and describes our research alliance structure.


Culturally responsive practices bring educators together

Marguerite Huber | January 26, 2018

REL Midwest and a regional education agency in Wisconsin convened educators to learn more about the research on culturally responsive practices to help schools improve educational outcomes for Black students.


Resource roundup: Improving outcomes for students of color

Cora Goldston | January 26, 2018

Want more information on how to better support students of color? We have rounded up high-quality resources on the topic, including research reports, infographics, and webinars.


Top 7 facts about REL Midwest in 2017

Meredith Lukow | November 20, 2017

For a by-the-numbers overview of the year, check out these top facts you should know about Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Midwest’s work in 2017.


A year of work toward closing the achievement gap

Marguerite Huber | November 8, 2017

The Midwest Achievement Gap Research Alliance has had a busy first year of work, including an environmental scan, a literature review, and an in-person event.


Cultural awareness in the classroom: American Indian education and cultural competency

Sarah Rand | September 27, 2017

This post features programs implemented by the Office of Indian Education at the Minnesota Department of Education that are aiming to improve educators’ cultural competence when educating American Indian students.


Culturally responsive instruction: Best practices and supports

Cora Goldston | September 19, 2017

This is the second article in a three-part blog series. In this series, Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Midwest takes an...


Cultural awareness in the classroom: Kennedy Elementary

Emily Kirkwood | September 8, 2017

In a three-part blog series, Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Midwest takes an up-close look at cultural competency in education...


Meet the alliance member: Chrishirella Warthen-Sutton, Ph.D.

Joni Wackwitz | June 22, 2017

MAGRA member Chrishirella Warthen-Sutton, Ph.D., is the manager of the Office of Family and Community Engagement for the Racine Unified School District...

Task force asks successful educators to share insights about closing the achievement gap

Emily Kirkwood | June 22, 2017

The achievement gap, or the difference in academic performance among different groups of students, poses a significant problem to...

How will MAGRA tackle the achievement gap?

Emily Loney | June 22, 2017

MAGRA will launch two projects in 2017 that support Wisconsin DPI's continued efforts to close the Black–White achievement gap...


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