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Blog – Data Use

The Midwest Alliance to Improve Knowledge Utilization: Supporting states and districts in using research and evidence-based practices

By Mia Mamone | December 14, 2021

In this blog post, REL Midwest reflects on four years of partnership work in Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin to improve knowledge utilization at the state, district, and local levels.


Virtual networked improvement community reflects on lessons learned in the use of rapid inquiry cycles to improve teaching and learning

By Maggi Ibis | July 22, 2021

REL Midwest facilitators of a virtual networked improvement community in Minnesota recently wrapped up a year of work and reflected on their challenges and lessons learned, particularly during the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Using data to achieve equitable outcomes

By Sara Mitrano | June 28, 2021

Two REL Midwest coaches answer questions on how they help partner districts and organizations apply continuous improvement processes to achieve equitable outcomes.


REL Midwest toolkit helps districts better understand students’ learning gaps related to the COVID-19 pandemic and school closures

By Joni Wackwitz | May 18, 2021

As more students return to the classroom, a REL Midwest toolkit can help districts identify learning changes related to the COVID-19 pandemic and take action to address students’ learning needs.


Networked improvement community celebrates progress in using data to improve student credit recovery

By Maggi Ibis | May 18, 2021

A Minnesota networked improvement community of alternative learning centers recently celebrated progress toward improving student credit recovery rates and, ultimately, high school graduation rates.


Resource roundup: Supports for summer learning

By Sara Mitrano | May 18, 2021

As the 2020/21 school year comes to an end, we rounded up resources from across the REL network to support educators as they create their summer learning plans and prepare for fall 2021.


Resource roundup: Continuous improvement cycles

By Cora Goldston | December 3, 2020

Continuous improvement cycles enable practitioners to test and refine practices in real time. We compiled resources from around the REL network to support continuous improvement and the use of improvement science.


Back-to-school metrics: How to assess conditions for teaching and learning and to measure student progress during the COVID-19 pandemic

By Susan Bowles Therriault | September 28, 2020

With a new school year underway, educators can use these metrics to assess school and classroom conditions and measure student progress in remote or hybrid learning environments.


Training and coaching resources to support evidence-based practice, the growth of educators and leaders, and student outcomes

By Maggi Ibis | September 28, 2020

Check out our growing collection of training and coaching resources, featuring strategies and tools that support the use of research in practice in areas such as educator effectiveness and teacher preparation.


New video highlights how a network of educators worked to improve graduation rates for high schoolers in alternative programs

By Cora Goldston | September 28, 2020

Learn how REL Midwest, the Minnesota Department of Education, and a networked improvement community of teachers worked to improve graduation rates at alternative high schools.


Informed by district-level experience: Spotlight on Matt Linick

By Cora Goldston | June 25, 2020

Learn how researcher Matt Linick draws on his years of experience at the Cleveland Metropolitan School District to inform his work at REL Midwest and serve districts’ needs.


Assessing district literacy needs: Coaching to turn data into action

By Cora Goldston | May 20, 2020

Find out how REL Midwest worked with the Ohio Department of Education to collect, analyze, and act on data about district reading plans.


Video: Understanding the ESSA tiers of evidence

September 19, 2019

This video explains the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) evidence standards and how they affect school and district leaders’ selection of school-improvement interventions.


Understanding why teachers leave: Developing a teacher exit survey

By Marguerite Huber | August 21, 2019

REL Midwest is providing coaching to the Ohio Department of Education on developing a teacher exit survey to help districts and schools better understand why teachers leave.


Resource roundup: Tools for meeting Every Student Succeeds Act evidence requirements

By Cora Goldston | August 21, 2019

We’ve rounded up tools from around the REL network to help you understand the Every Student Succeeds Act tiers of evidence and meet the requirements using research-based practices.


Infographic: Creating a more evidence-based education system using collaborative research partnerships

July 30, 2019

This infographic describes what collaborative research partnerships are, how they can be used to address educational challenges, and key facts about how they are employed by the REL Program.


Empowering districts to use evidence: Building a state clearinghouse of evidence-based interventions

By Laura Checovich | April 23, 2019

With REL Midwest’s ongoing support, the Ohio Department of Education is empowering districts to use research and implement evidence-based strategies that fit district needs.


Resources and lessons learned from REL Midwest’s networked improvement communities to support educators

By Cora Goldston | March 20, 2019

Networked improvement communities are one way that school, district, and state education practitioners partner with researchers. See what REL Midwest has learned from our experiences working with these collaborative partnerships.


Resource roundup: Ask A REL

By Marguerite Huber | February 14, 2019

REL Midwest responds to your education research questions through the Ask A REL reference desk. Explore the most recent Ask A RELs on a variety of topics.


Resource roundup: Research tools

By Cora Goldston | January 17, 2019

We rounded up tools from across the REL Program to help educators and policymakers conduct research and use evidence and data to inform practice.


Partnering with districts and schools to identify research needs

By Joni Wackwitz | January 17, 2019

REL Midwest and the Cleveland Metropolitan School District are partnering to support district and school staff in identifying and prioritizing their research and evaluation needs.


Sharing strategies to increase research-based educational practices

By Cora Goldston | October 9, 2018

Explore how REL Midwest is partnering with practitioners to help states, districts, and schools use research to inform practice.


Resource roundup: Back to school

By Joni Wackwitz | August 6, 2018

Gear up for a new school year with these curated resources from across the REL Program and the What Works Clearinghouse.


Resource roundup: Knowledge utilization and data use in education

Meredith Lukow | July 25, 2018

This curated list of resources from across the REL Program provides guidance for gathering and using research evidence and data as well as for identifying evidence-based practices.


How can we increase quality educational opportunities for Black students? Conduct a gap analysis

Cora Goldston | July 5, 2018

REL Midwest’s infographic explains how educators can conduct a gap analysis to compare current policies and practices with research on improving educational outcomes among Black students.


Introducing the Midwest Alliance to Improve Knowledge Utilization

Meredith Lukow | March 22, 2018

REL Midwest’s newest research alliance aims to learn more about effective strategies for increasing the uptake of research results by state and local education agency staff.


Ask A REL resource roundup

Marguerite Huber | March 22, 2018

Look no further than the Ask A REL reference desk for your education research questions. Check out this compilation of our most recent Ask A REL responses across a variety of topics.


How can states equip school districts to adopt evidence-based interventions?

Meredith Lukow | February 5, 2018

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requires districts to use evidence-based interventions in low-performing schools. But how do districts know which programs meet ESSA’s threshold? Learn how one state department of education is approaching this challenge with help from REL Midwest.


Research alliances: Structures for collaboration

Marguerite Huber | January 26, 2018

REL Midwest is committed to using research in education. Our new video highlights the role practitioners play in driving REL Midwest research activities and describes our research alliance structure.


REL Midwest offers workshops to expand data capacity

Marguerite Huber | December 28, 2017

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction collects a substantial amount of school data. To help staff effectively use it, REL Midwest is leading a workshop series on best practices for collecting, using, and sharing data.


New video dives into the details of developing a collaborative research agenda

Marguerite Huber | November 29, 2017

REL Midwest works closely with our partners to develop long-term research agendas. Our newest video provides an overview of this research agenda-setting process and shares tips for how you, too, can develop a collaborative research agenda.


Top 7 facts about REL Midwest in 2017

Meredith Lukow | November 20, 2017

For a by-the-numbers overview of the year, check out these top facts you should know about Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Midwest’s work in 2017.


Education research resource roundup

Emily Kirkwood | November 8, 2017

In case you missed them, we compiled a list of REL Midwest reports and other resources that were published in 2017.

Research methods workshop series: Building Wisconsin’s capacity for education research

Joni Wackwitz | October 18, 2017

Educators rely on data and research evidence to understand what works. Learn how the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction is partnering with REL Midwest on a workshop series to build educators’ capacity to conduct, understand, and apply research.


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