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REL Midwest events connect research to our region

Events connect research to our region

By Marguerite Huber
August 16, 2018

Keeping up with the latest education research is no easy task. To help, Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Midwest hosts a range of events to make it easier for educators and policymakers to learn about and apply the most up-to-date research. These free events highlight recent research about timely issues, offer practical examples of how to apply the research in policy and practice, and provide opportunities for attendees to learn from one another.

In 2018, REL Midwest has a great lineup of events planned, including three webinars, three public television screenings, and one in-person event. Read on for a sneak peek!


Our virtual webinars enable educators to listen in and engage with the latest research no matter where they live. And for those who miss a webinar, we archive the recordings and resources on our website. Recent REL Midwest webinars include Comprehensive Supports for College-Bound Students, which focused on academic and financial supports for college success, and Strategies to Support Evidence Use in Education, which discussed strategies to increase knowledge utilization in education practice.

Coming up in 2018:

Public television screenings

REL Midwest partners with public television stations in our region to produce 30-minute programs that delve into education topics and research in more depth. To give educators a chance to discuss these programs, we provide a public screening for each one followed by a facilitated discussion with those involved in making it.

Coming up in 2018:

  • October 11 (4:00–5:30 p.m. CT): The Midwest Career Readiness Research Alliance will host a screening in St. Paul, Minnesota, of a public television program exploring how the state’s rural school districts are using evidence-based approaches to support career readiness. REL Midwest is producing the program in partnership with Twin Cities Public Television. Register for the screening.
  • November: REL Midwest will host a screening of a public television program highlighting research and stories from the field on essential supports for Latino students in middle school through college. The program is being produced in partnership with Detroit Public Television.
  • December: The Midwest Early Childhood Education Research Alliance will host a screening in Chicago, Illinois, of a public television program on play-based learning, the research behind it, and the debate surrounding it. REL Midwest is producing the program in partnership with WTTW, Chicago’s public television station.

In-person events

Spanning from a half to a full day, in-person events enable participants to dig deeply into the application of a specific research topic. These events target nearby audiences but are open to all.

Coming up in 2018:

Stay up to date on all our upcoming events by visiting the REL Midwest event calendar and subscribing to our newsletter. You also can catch up on our past events, which are archived on the REL Midwest website and the IES YouTube channel. For other events available across the 10 RELs, visit the REL Program event calendar. All REL events are free and open to the public.

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