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Moving the Needle on Graduation Rates: Goal Setting Lessons from a Minnesota Networked Improvement Community (Carnegie Summit)

Monday, April 19, 2021

Location: 2021 Carnegie Foundation Summit on Improvement in Education (virtual, available on demand)


In this session, REL Midwest presents on alternative education programs in Minnesota that serve some of the state’s most at-risk youth. Educators in these programs often find that their students who lack the credits needed to graduate also are facing challenging personal circumstances. In this session, participants learn how teachers at four urban alternative high school programs used a goal-setting activity and improvement science methods to help students recover credits to make progress toward graduation. A program administrator discusses how teachers streamlined the process of implementation and data collection using unique measurement tools, and how they used these tools to improve implementation and track student outcomes.

Partnership: Midwest Career Readiness Research Alliance


  • Jody Nelson, Ed.D., Executive Director, Change Inc.
  • Dominique Bradley, Ph.D., Researcher, REL Midwest
  • Susan Burkhauser, Ph.D., Researcher, REL Midwest
  • Laura Checovich, Communications Associate, REL Midwest

Resource: Using data to enact change video