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Infographics – Literacy

Supporting children’s early reading instruction at home

April 2021

In collaboration with the Michigan Department of Education, REL Midwest created a series of guides to help families, afterschool providers, and other caregivers support students with early reading instruction.


Gaps and trends in District 186 and District U–46 kindergarten and grade 1 reading achievement

February 9, 2021

These infographics highlight key findings for District 186 (Springfield Public Schools) and District U–46 (Elgin Area Schools) from a REL Midwest study that examined a trends and gaps in reading achievement across kindergarten and grade 1.


On course for reading success: Best practices for teaching beginning readers

October 7, 2020

Strengthen instruction for beginning readers and target core literacy skills with this quick reference that draws on two What Works Clearinghouse practice guides.