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Coherence: Reflection and Study Guide for State Education Agency Leaders

January 2018

REL Midwest developed a study guide around the book Coherence: The Right Drivers in Action for Schools, Districts, and Systems by Michael Fullan and Joanne Quinn, which aims to help state education agency leaders position their agency to support school districts and, ultimately, improve student achievement. Individual leaders can use the guide for personal reflection, or a leadership team can use it for collective planning. The guide contains reflection questions that are meant to move leadership teams toward taking the necessary actions to make their organization a more efficient, coherent support-based agency. Each question in the study guide encourages leadership teams to discuss key points and develop action steps together.

Download the study guide here. [498 KB PDF icon ]

For more information on the project that generated the tool, see this blog post: What is leadership coaching? How REL Midwest is supporting state strategic plans.