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Sheila Rodriguez

Data Coaching in Puerto Rico: Reflecting on and Celebrating the Work

Tue Nov 02 2021 by Sheila Rodriguez, Research Associate, REL Northeast & Islands
Read about how data coaches in Puerto Rico have been helping to build a culture of data use across the island.

Joshua Cox Dr. Meg Caven

Innovative Data Analysis Helps Boston Learn from Teachers’ Early Pandemic Experiences

Thu Feb 25 2021 by Joshua Cox, Senior Research Associate, REL Northeast & Islands and Dr. Meg Caven, Senior Research Associate, REL Northeast & Islands
Read about how REL Northeast & Islands used an innovative method to analyze Boston Public School survey data to inform Boston's remote teaching in the fall.

Dr. Ellen Mandinach

Culturally Responsive Data Literacy: Transforming Data and Information into Action

Wed Feb 24 2021 by Dr. Ellen Mandinach, Senior Research Scientist
Learn how Culturally Responsive Data Literacy can help educators support all students to continue to learn and be successful during this uniquely challenging time and into the future.

Diana Wogan

New Toolkit Helps Schools Use Continuous Processes to Solve Problems

Tue Dec 22 2020 by Diana Wogan, REL Researcher
Read about our new toolkit to help schools and districts engage in continuous improvement processes.

Dr. Jessica Bailey

Creating and Using Performance Assessments: An Online Course for Educators

Sun Nov 01 2020 by Dr. Jessica Bailey, Senior Research Associate, REL Northeast & Islands
REL Northeast & Islands is excited to release a free online course that will guide teachers in developing, scoring, and using high-quality performance assessments within a comprehensive assessment system.

Dr. Pam Buffington

Rural Schools and Communities Pull Together During COVID-19

Sat Aug 01 2020 by Dr. Pam Buffington, Rural Education Lead, REL Northeast & Islands
Learn how rural communities throughout the REL Northeast & Islands region and beyond are coping with connectivity and access issues that disadvantage rural students.

Dr. Karen Shakman

What We Have Learned from Our Work with Teachers

Sat Feb 01 2020 by Dr. Karen Shakman, Research Scientist, REL Northeast & Islands
REL Northeast & Islands researchers work with educators to help them use data and evidence to arrive at the best instructional approaches for their students. This blog discusses some important lessons learned.

David Blumenthal David English

State Report Cards Go Digital in the Northeast

Fri Nov 01 2019 by David Blumenthal, Researcher, REL Northeast & Islands and David English, Senior Technical Assistance Consultant, REL Northeast & Islands
The state-issued school report card as we know it is transforming to a richer and more detailed picture of district- and school-level performance. Learn how REL Northeast & Islands is helping states use data from these online report cards for school improvement planning.

Diana Wogan

Ask A REL Answers Your Important Research Questions

Mon Jul 01 2019 by Diana Wogan, REL Researcher
Learn how one district leader, tasked with exploring the benefits and drawbacks of later school start times, used the REL Northeast & Islands Ask A REL service to inform her district’s decision.

Sheila Rodriguez

Partnership Project Supports New Data Coaches in Puerto Rico

Fri Feb 01 2019 by Sheila Rodriguez, Research Associate, REL Northeast & Islands
We partnered with the Puerto Rico Department of Education to provide training for new data coaches hired to work with school leaders and teachers to help build their capacity to analyze and use their own classroom data to plan lessons and differentiate instruction.

Jill Marcus

How Can We Better Translate Education Research into Action?

Mon Oct 01 2018 by Jill Marcus, Research Assistant II, REL Northeast & Islands
Despite the growth in the number of education researcher-practitioner collaborations, gaps in knowledge remain about how to translate research into action effectively.

Dr. Pam Buffington

REL Reports Explore Calculating and Using Expenditure-to-Performance Ratios

Sun Jul 01 2018 by Dr. Pam Buffington, Rural Education Lead, REL Northeast & Islands
Like many government-funded entities, public school districts are increasingly asked to “do more with less.”

Dr. Kyle DeMeo Cook Dr. Karen Shakman

Four Questions to Ask About Your Data: An Example from a Data Coaching Project with Boston Public Schools

Fri Jun 01 2018 by Dr. Kyle DeMeo Cook, Research Associate, REL Northeast & Islands and Dr. Karen Shakman, Research Scientist, REL Northeast & Islands
As part of our mission to advance the use of data in educational decision-making, REL Northeast & Islands provides customized training, coaching, and technical support to partners in the region seeking assistance with data use.

Dan Mello

Researcher-Stakeholder Engagement Guides Development of Tool to Improve Identification of English Learner Students

Tue May 01 2018 by Dan Mello, Researcher, REL Northeast & Islands
At REL Northeast & Islands, we are charged by the Institute of Education Sciences to work with educators, school leaders, policymakers, and others to use data and evidence to improve student outcomes. In doing this, we are encouraged—in fact, required—to work in close partnership with regional stakeholders to ensure the research we conduct and the training and technical support we offer are of use and relevant to practitioners in our communities.

Dr. Julie Riordan

Technical Working Group Helps Keep REL Research Rigorous and Relevant

Thu Feb 01 2018 by Dr. Julie Riordan, Director of REL Northeast & Islands
At REL Northeast & Islands, one of our most important jobs is to ensure that the research we develop and use in partnership with our stakeholders is rigorous and relevant. Our applied research studies must be methodologically sound, and our training, coaching, and technical support projects must be informed by current and credible research. Additionally, we want our projects to meet local needs and contribute to broader conversations about critical challenges facing U.S. schools.

Ashley Gaddis

Collaborative Webinar Focuses on Managing Student Data in Times of Crisis

Mon Jan 01 2018 by Ashley Gaddis, Dissemination Manager
On December 18, 2017, REL Northeast & Islands collaborated with three federally funded technical assistance programs to present a public webinar that explored how state education agencies (SEAs) and local school districts can manage student data in times of crisis.