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Connecticut English Learner Research Partnership


As the number of English learner students in Connecticut continues to grow, state and district education leaders seek to use and develop research to improve instruction and academic outcomes for these students. The Connecticut English Learner Research Partnership works with the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) and district English learner coordinators to study and identify evidence-based policies and practices for advancing high-quality instruction for all English learner students in the state. The partnership’s research priorities include improving practitioners’ use of data to provide high-quality services that meet the diverse needs of English learner students and exploring how multi-tiered systems of support can help educators appropriately identify and support English learner students with disabilities.


  • Establish a shared understanding among stakeholders at all levels across Connecticut districts (e.g., superintendent, district administrators, school administrators, and teachers) of the evidence on high-quality instruction for English learner students.
  • Implement research-based practices at the state, district, and school levels that lead to higher achievement among English learner students.


Carrie ParkerCarrie Parker
Principal Research Scientist
REL Northeast & Islands


Using REL Northeast & Islands’ Practitioner Data Use Workshop materials, 20 teachers participated in a daylong workshop where they learned to analyze their own English learner student data to identify appropriate instructional interventions to address academic and language needs.
This three-part training series provided district teams and educators with specific strategies to guide instruction for English learners using the three tiers of multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS). Session 1 focused on understanding MTSS and Tier 1 instruction for English learner students; Sessions 2 and 3 focused on MTSS Tiers 2 and 3 for English learners. District teams were encouraged to attend the three webinars together in order to coordinate data-driven instruction among general education, special education, and English learner teachers. View event details.
The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) allows English learners reclassified as English proficient to be included as English learners for accountability purposes for up to four years after reclassification. Yet recent research indicates that looking at students who were ever classified as English learners—“ever-English learner students”—provides important information for states, districts, and schools. This webinar shared results from a REL Northeast & Islands report that includes all English learner students in calculations of New York City (NYC) high school graduation rates, whether or not they had been reclassified as English proficient. “Graduation outcomes of students who entered New York City public schools in grade 5 or 6 as English learner students,” uses longitudinal administrative data to analyze the four-year, five-year, and six-year graduation rates of ever-English learner students in NYC. Study authors Drs. Michael J. Kieffer and Caroline E. Parker were joined by Oregon State University Assistant Professor Dr. Karen Thompson, who presented results from a similar study using ever-English learner students to measure graduation rates in Oregon. Presenters explored the implications of using ever-English learners in both accountability and continuous improvement. View event details.


Name Title Organization
Megan Alubicki Flick English Learner Consultant, Academic Office Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE)
Ajit Gopalakrishnan Chief Performance Officer, Performance Office CSDE
Michael Sabados Analyst, Performance Office CSDE
Melissa K. Wlodarczyk Hickey Director of Literacy/Reading, Academic Office CSDE
Gil Andrade Analyst, Performance Office CSDE
Dianne Murphy Analyst, Performance Office CSDE
Patti Berloe English Learner Coordinator Wethersfield School District
Andrew Long English Learner Coordinator Wethersfield School District
Teresa DeBrito English Learner Coordinator Regional School District 12
Nancy Tracy RESC English Learner Specialist EdAdvance
Pedro Mendia-Landa English Language Learner Programs Supervisor New Haven School District
Elizabeth Peczuh English Learner Coordinator East Hartford School District
Marisa Ferraro Professor Southern Connecticut State University
Maggie Stevens Resource Specialist Capitol Region Education Council (CREC)