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Puerto Rico Research Partnership to Promote the Use of Education Data


As part of its efforts to promote a culture of data use in education decision making, the Puerto Rico Department of Education (PRDE) is increasing the presence and expanding the role of newly assigned data coaches for each of the territory’s seven school regions. The Puerto Rico Partnership to Promote the Use of Education Data provides technical support to the PRDE data coaches as they become familiar with their role and learn to incorporate the data inquiry cycle as part of their role. In addition, the partnership will also help educational (K–12) practitioners use data to inform and differentiate classroom practices.


  • Support the PRDE as it increases the presence and expands the role of data coaches in schools.
  • Build the capacity of PRDE data coaches to promote data use in districts and schools.
  • Support the data coaches in building the capacity of school-level practitioners to use data to inform classroom instruction.


Sandra Espada-SantosSandra Espada-Santos
Partnership Lead
REL Northeast & Islands

Sheila RodriguezSheila Rodriguez
Research Associate
REL Northeast & Islands


This workshop series for Puerto Rico Department of Education (PRDE) data coaches focuses on data coaching, data use, and leadership and change.

Session 1: April 20, 2018
Bayamón, Puerto Rico

This workshop focused on the role of a data coach. The PRDE data coaches learned about the research base for data coaching and examined best practices related to data coaching and how they can apply these practices to their own work. In addition, the coaches assessed their strengths as data coaches and set goals for growth. At the end of the session, they worked to identify and analyze factors that may drive or impede their work and created actions steps to move their work forward.


Session 2: August 1 & 2, 2018
Bayamón, Puerto Rico

This workshop focused on the culture of data use and the data inquiry cycle. The PRDE data coaches explored the five elements of an effective culture of data use in schools and districts. They also used an inquiry framework for interpreting data for instructional change and used protocols to analyze data and generate possible root causes. At the end of the two-day session, they worked to connect data analysis to instructional action plans and considered how to support data inquiry routines in their own settings.


Using the REL Northeast & Islands resource, “Logic Models for Program Design, Implementation, and Evaluation: Workshop Toolkit,” REL Northeast & Islands researchers are partnering with PRDE to develop a theory of action and long-term plan for its data coaches and their role at the district and school levels. The PRDE envisions developing a protocol that the data coaches can use with teachers, in a continued cycle, to support them in developing lesson plans for differentiated instruction.


Name Title Organization
Julie Keleher Secretary of Education Puerto Rico Department of Education (PRDE)
Maria Christian Undersecretary of Academics PRDE
Yanira Raices Deputy Secretary Planning and Evaluation PRDE
Euclides Valentín Statistics Director PRDE
Diana Quirindongo Academic Research Specialist and DaTE Coordinator PRDE
Harry Valentín Director, Ines M. Mendoza School PRDE
Nelson Colón President Puerto Rico Community Foundation
Orville Disdier Flores Senior Project Manager Puerto Rico Institute of Statistics