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Tools & Resources

Moving from Research to Practice in Research-Practice Partnerships: Lessons Learned on Engaging Diverse Voices

This resource is based on the process we have used at REL Northeast & Islands to engage stakeholders with diverse roles, backgrounds, and experiences in meaning-making conversations focused on the interpretation of research findings to inform recommendations for policy or practice. These lessons may be useful for other research-practice partnerships interested in engaging diverse voices as part of similar meaning-making conversations.

Exploring Implementation of Attendance Supports to Reduce Chronic Absenteeism in the Providence Public School District

REL Northeast & Islands studied Providence Public School District’s implementation of attendance supports to reduce students’ chronic absenteeism. This brief is intended to support district administrators and school leaders who are interested in understanding how attendance supports are implemented and how implementation relates to changes in chronic absenteeism.

School Counselor Perspectives on Student Advising in Vermont

REL Northeast & Islands staff supported the Vermont Agency of Education in surveying school counselors across the state about college and career pathway advising practices in February 2021, including how the counselor’s role changed during the COVID-19 pandemic. This document summarizes the survey findings.

Analyzing Teacher Mobility and Retention: Guidance and Considerations

This set of two applied research methods reports are guides for state and local education agency policymakers and their analysts who are interested in studying teacher mobility and retention.

Resources for Determining Special Education Eligibility of English Learners

These resources are designed to help teachers and administrators working with English learners to provide high-quality instruction and to build practices to better determine special education eligibility.

Evaluating Professional Learning: A Tool for Schools and Districts

This tool introduces practitioners involved in the management of professional learning at the school, district, regional, or state level to key concepts of professional learning evaluation.

Instructional Coaching for English Language Arts: Practices and Outcomes

This document is intended to support schools and districts in understanding the research and evidence related to reading/ELA instructional coaching.

Supporting Young English Learners at Home

These nine activity sheets, available in both English and Spanish, are designed to provide simple, fun activities families and caregivers can use with children at home to strengthen language development in either the home language or English.

Continuous Improvement in Education: A Toolkit for Schools and Districts

In recent years, educators and school and district leaders have turned to continuous improvement to improve outcomes for students and schools. This toolkit is designed to help school- and district-based practitioners engage in continuous improvement efforts.

Social and Emotional Learning Coaching Series Guide

This document guides practitioners through a five-session coaching series on how to use the SEL research literature to identify evidence-based SEL interventions to implement in their districts. To learn more, read our blog about this new guide.

Supporting Mathematical Problem Solving at Home

This guide helps families and caregivers carry out recommended practices described in the What Works Clearinghouse educator’s practice guide, Improving Mathematical Problem Solving in Grades 4 Through 8.

COVID-19 Outbreak FAQs

To support your efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have put together a set of FAQs to assist schools and districts with their most pressing needs. These FAQs share ideas from districts across the country, as well as resources from local and state education agencies.