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Works in Progress

REL Northeast & Islands conducts applied research studies and offers training, coaching, and technical support to address our partners’ research questions, provide policymakers and practitioners with information they need to make decisions, and build individual and organizational capacity to understand and use research in education policy and practice. We invite you to learn about our projects underway.

Works in Progress are posted after project proposals have gone through a rigorous external peer review process that ensures all scientifically based REL work meets IES standards for research and evaluation.

Continuous Improvement: Toolkit

Continuous improvement processes engage key players within a system to focus on a specific problem of practice and use a series of iterative cycles to test changes, gather data about the changes, and study the potential influence of these changes on outcomes of interest. This practitioner-friendly toolkit will provide an overview of continuous improvement processes in educational settings, with a focus on the use of Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycles. The toolkit will include a customizable workbook, reproducible templates, and short informational videos that education practitioners can use to implement continuous improvement processes in their own schools, districts, or agencies.

Creating and Using Performance Assessments: An Online Course for Practitioners

This online course will introduce participants to the basic concepts of assessment literacy and then focus on how to develop, score, and use performance assessments within a balanced assessment system. Throughout the course, participants will be able to create and administer their own performance assessment and review it for its technical quality. Participants will receive a certificate of completion upon finishing the course.

Examining the Association between Schoolwide Instructional Measures and School-level Student Outcomes in Massachusetts' Low-Performing Schools

Partnership: Massachusetts School Turnaround Research Partnership

Since 2010, the Massachusetts Department of Early and Secondary Education (ESE) has made a significant investment to develop a coherent, aligned system for supporting and monitoring its low-performing schools. The monitoring process includes collecting schoolwide observation data of classroom instructional practices, which ESE then uses to provide formative feedback to schools on their turnaround practices. This study with ESE is conducting analyses of this schoolwide instructional observation data, collected using Teachstone's Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS) tool. Researchers are examining whether the schoolwide CLASS observation data are associated with improved schoolwide student achievement and growth.

Unpacking Universal PreK in Vermont: Patterns of Program Enrollment

Partnership: Vermont Universal PreK Research Partnership

This study is using data from the first year (2016/17) of implementation of Vermont’s universal preK initiative to understand the characteristics of children enrolled in different preK programs (type and quality rating), the geographic characteristics of the preK programs, and the factors related to enrollment in particular program options (both type and quality rating).

Measuring Social and Emotional Learning Skills among Secondary Students: A Review of Instruments

Partnership: Social and Emotional Learning Research Alliance

This study is a systematic review of instruments measuring three social and emotional (SEL) skills: self-regulated learning, collaboration, and perseverance. The report will provide information on instruments currently available to measure each of the three SEL constructs. The information will include whether or not there is evidence available on the reliability and validity of each instrument and, if so, what type of evidence is provided.

Connecticut Teacher Education and Mentoring Program (TEAM): Fidelity of Implementation and Teacher Retention

Partnership: Professional Learning and Development Research Alliance

This study being conducted with the Connecticut State Department of Education (CT SDE) is investigating the extent to which a statewide teacher induction program is implemented with fidelity to the required program elements and whether the fidelity of implementation is associated with retention of beginning teachers.

From Pre-Service to Persistence: Educator Preparation and Outcomes

Alliance: Teacher Preparation Research Alliance

Education leaders in Rhode Island are concerned that many early-career teachers are leaving the profession or not teaching in the grade level or subject area in which they were initially trained and certified. To better understand these trends, the Rhode Island Department of Education has partnered with REL Northeast & Islands to investigate the mobility and retention rates of early-career teachers. Specifically, the study is exploring whether there is a relationship between where a teacher is prepared in Rhode Island and teacher mobility, retention, employment in the certificate area in which the teacher was prepared, and whether the teacher is working in a high-needs district.