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REL Northwest 2021 Study Sessions

October 29—December 2, 2021

In fall 2021, REL Northwest is holding a series of sessions about six studies published in 2021. The goal of the series is to increase the capacity of alliance members and the REL Northwest Governing Board to understand the study findings and learn how to use them to inform policy and practice. The presentation slides and session recordings will be added below as they become available.

Professional Development Incentives for Oregon's Early Childhood Education Workforce

October 29, 2021

REL Northwest conducted randomized trials to test whether emails and differing financial incentives encouraged early childhood education workforce members to participate in Oregon's early childhood education career lattice—a system that promotes continued professional development.

State-Funded Preschool in the Last Frontier: Alaska's Pre-Elementary Grant Program

November 3, 2021

Alaska's Pre-Elementary Grants provide funding for school districts to design, develop, and expand preschool programs in their communities. This study examined how districts implemented preschool programs as well as the characteristics and outcomes of participating preschool students.

Alaska Native Students as English Learner Students

November 17, 2021

Alaska Native students make up more than 40 percent of all English learner students in Alaska. This REL Northwest study explored how English learner policies and practices function for Alaska Native students in the state.

First-Year Effects of Early Indicator and Intervention Systems in Oregon

November 18, 2021

Many districts in Oregon have adopted an early indicator and intervention system (EIIS) to identify students at risk of not graduating, assign interventions, and monitor student response. REL Northwest examined the effects of the first year (2018/19) of EIIS adoption on chronic absenteeism, disciplinary infractions, course progression, and academic performance.

Pathways to Teaching: Teacher Diversity, Testing, Certification, and Employment in Washington State

November 22, 2021

The number and percentage of students of color are growing in Washington state, yet the teacher workforce remains largely White. To better understand the state’s shortage of teachers of color, REL Northwest investigated where teacher candidates–especially candidates of color–—are most likely to leave the Washington teacher preparation and career pathway.

What Were the Reach and Impact of the Oregon Promise Financial Aid Program in Its First Two Years?

December 2, 2021

In 2015 Oregon implemented Oregon Promise—one of the first state grants in the nation to cover all or nearly all community college tuition costs for eligible students. This study shows that during its first two years, the program had a positive impact on Oregon public high school graduates’ college persistence and completion.