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Oregon Bilingual Teacher Pipeline Collaborative

Oregon school districts are struggling to recruit highly skilled bilingual teachers to meet the demand of dual-language programs. To address this need, Portland Public Schools and Portland State University have created a partnership to recruit, develop, and retain bilingual teachers, with an emphasis on biliterate and bicultural teachers.


With REL Northwest's facilitation, the collaborative is working to:

  • Build school and district capacity to use data and evidence to better understand their staffing needs and current recruitment, development, and retention practices
  • Collect and analyze data on teacher perceptions of the effectiveness of the bilingual pathway program
  • Use formative data to plan and support the professional learning of bilingual teachers
  • Review and summarize evidence-based practices for recruiting and retaining bilingual teachers of color


  • Debbie Amendariz, Senior Director, Department of Dual Language, Portland Public Schools
  • Michael Bacon, Assistant Director, Department of Dual Language, Portland Public Schools
  • Micki Caskey, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Graduate School of Education, Portland State University
  • Alma Morales Galicia, Operations Analyst, Department of Dual Language, Portland Public Schools


Trevor Soponis

Trevor Soponis