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Washington State Vibrant Teaching Force Alliance

REL Northwest is partnering with state and district leaders to understand and find solutions to Washington's teacher shortage. The alliance is focused on developing strategies to recruit, train, and retain a diverse and skilled teaching force that reflects the racial/ethnic and linguistic diversity of Washington's students and is responsive to their learning needs.


The alliance is initially working to collect, analyze, and use data to understand the teacher shortage in Washington, including shortages in key content areas and in specific demographic groups. These data will allow the alliance to answer important questions and formulate tools and strategies to cultivate and retain a diverse and skilled teaching force.


Limited Certificated Teachers in Washington: Barriers to Becoming Fully Certificated and Needed Supports

9 Strategies for Recruiting and Retaining Diverse Teachers

Identifying Evidence-Based Practices for Recruiting, Training, and Retaining a Diverse Educator Workforce

Visualizing Washington's Teacher Workforce: Using Maps to Understand the Trends of Teacher Recruitment and Retention

Special Feature: "If You Want to Make a Difference, Come Here"

Work in Progress

Characteristics of limited certificated teachers and paraprofessionals in Washington: The barriers they face to becoming certificated teachers and the supports they receive

Washington teacher pathway research


  • Denise Altheimer, Executive Director of Human Resources and Organizational Development, Puget Sound Educational Service District
  • Michele Anciaux Aoki, International Education Administrator, Seattle Public Schools
  • Jeannie Beierle, Program Supervisor, Title II, Part A and Special Programs, Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
  • Mark Bergeson, Associate Director of Academic Affairs and Policy, Washington State Student Achievement Council
  • David Brenna, Senior Policy Analyst, Professional Educator Standards Board
  • Matt Gerard, Human Resources Director, Kent School District
  • Tara Haskins, Chair, Department of Education, Eastern Washington University
  • Shelly Hurley, Human and Civil Rights Committee Member, Washington Education Association
  • Alexandra Manuel, Executive Director, Professional Educator Standards Board
  • Victoria Moreland, Program Manager, Professional Educator Standards Board
  • Helene Paroff, Assistant Executive Director, Washington Association of School Administrators
  • Natasha Rosenblatt, Director of Data Strategy, Community Center for Education Results
  • Jisu Ryu, Program Manager, Educator Assessment & Data Analysis, Professional Educator Standards Board
  • Renee Shank, Bilingual Educator Capacity Program Coordinator, University of Washington
  • Maria Timmons-Flores, Associate Professor, Western Washington University
  • Debra Tito, Human Resources Director, Renton School District
  • Chelsea Whealdon, Program Manager for Equity in Educator Preparation and Pathways, Professional Educator Standards Board
  • Nina "Will" Williams, Director of Multilingual Education, Kent School District


Melinda Leong

Melinda Leong