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REL Pacific

The Palau Professional Learning System
Video Series

This REL Pacific video series introduces the Palau Partnership for the Improvement of Teaching, a collaborative effort of REL Pacific and educators, policymakers, and other stakeholders in Palau, and provides information on how the partnership has worked to design evidence-based system supports for teacher preparation, induction, retention, and instruction in Palau. Through the High-Quality Professional Learning Designs in the Republic of Palau project, partnership members have focused their efforts on engineering better professional learning experiences that will support improved student outcomes in Palau, based on areas of focus identified by the Palau Ministry of Education.

The goal of this video series is to showcase the professional learning work produced by the partnership between the Palau MOE and REL Pacific through interviews with MOE staff, principals, teachers, and REL Pacific researchers. The interviews are organized into a series of five videos that are intended to serve two purposes: first, as a record of the productive work that MOE system leaders, MOE staff, school leaders and teacher have implemented through their partnership with REL Pacific, and second, to share with stakeholders across the Pacific region and elsewhere so that they may learn about the collaborative work of the Palau Ministry of Education and REL Pacific.