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REL Pacific

REL Pacific Governing Board

About the Governing Board

The REL Pacific Governing Board is comprised primarily of educational leaders who live and work in the seven-jursidiction region. They each bring unique expertise in elements of educational policy, research, program design, and special populations to help ensure that we address the needs of all students in the REL Pacific region. Members and affiliations of each of the jurisdictions are listed below:

American Samoa flag
American Samoa
  • Mr. Philo Jennings, Deputy Director of Support Services, American Samoa
  • Dr. Rosevonne Pato, President, American Samoa Community College
Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands flag
Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
  • Mr. Glenn P. Muna, Commissioner of Education, CNMI Public School System
  • Mr. Frankie Eliptico, Interim President, Northern Marianas College
Federated States of Micronesia flag
Federated States of Micronesia
  • Mr. Wayne Mendiola Jr., Acting Secretary of Education, FSM National Department of Education
  • Mr. Graceful Enlet, Director of Education, Chuuk State Department of Education
  • Dr. Tulensru Waguk, Director of Education, Kosrae State Department of Education
  • Mr. Arwelson Arpona, Acting Director of Education, Pohnpei State Department of Education
  • Ms. Pamela Legdesog, Director of Education, Yap State Department of Education
  • Dr. Joseph Daisy, President, College of Micronesia–FSM
  • Ms. Cindy Mori, President, Chuuk Chamber of Commerce
  • Ms. Emeliana Musrasrik, Director of Administration, FSM Supreme Court
Guam flag
  • Mr. Jon Fernandez, Superintendent, Guam Department of Education
  • Dr. Mary Okada, President, Guam Community College
  • Dr. Thomas Krise, President, University of Guam
Hawaii flag
  • Sen. J. Kalani English, Senator, Hawai‘i State Legislature
  • Dr. Walter Kahumoku III, Director of Pueo Scholars Program, University of Hawai‘i-West Oahu
  • Dr. Christina Kishimoto, Superintendent, Hawai‘i Department of Education
Republic of the Marshall Islands flag
Republic of the Marshall Islands
  • Mr. Wilbur Heine, Minister of Education, Republic of the Marshall Islands
  • Mr. Kanchi Hosia, Commissioner, Marshall Islands Public School System
  • Dr. Theresa Koroivulaono, President, College of the Marshall Islands
Republic of Palau flag
Republic of Palau
  • Mr. Sinton Soalablai, Minister of Education, Palau Ministry of Education
  • Dr. Patrick Tellei, President, Palau Community College