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REL Pacific

Defining and Implementing Effective Practices in Hawai'i State Public Charter Schools


The primary goal for this project is to increase the capacity of the Hawai'i State Public Charter School Commission's Guidance and Innovation (G&I) team members to create and enact a data collection process for developing an information-gathering tool, which will measure schools' development in terms of community, instruction, leadership, and governance. A secondary goal is to support the G&I team members as they implement and refine this tool and strengthen relationships between the Commission, charter school leadership, and governing board leadership.

High-Leverage Need

This project seeks to address the continued high-leverage need to improve and strengthen communication between the Hawai'i State Charter School Commission (the Commission) members, governing board chairs, and charter school directors. By improving working relationships and collaboration efforts between these three entities, Hawai'i charter schools can continue to offer high-quality alternatives for public education that fulfill community needs and ensure student success.

Successful charter school authorizers actively and deliberately:

  • acquire school data.
  • develop and maintain intentional relationships with school staff and leadership.
  • seek out and adapt effective practices to fit their schools' contexts (National Association of Charter School Authorizers, 2018).

As the authorizer for Hawai'i's 36 charter schools, the Commission works with charter school governing boards and charter school leadership to ensure that these schools support student success. On behalf of stakeholders from within the Commission and among charter school leadership, the Commission's Executive Director asked REL Pacific to support members of the Commission's G&I team in a concerted effort to develop and refine an information-gathering tool to support effective charter school practices. Commission members believe that improved communication between the Commission, charter school leadership, and governing board leadership will result from the systematic, generative, and documented conversations captured by this tool (P. Foehr, 2019).

REL Pacific Project Support

REL Pacific coaching support for this project is focused on:

  1. increasing the ability of school leads to create and implement a data collection process for the tool that accurately measures charter schools' developmental processes and captures effective practices for student success.
  2. helping school leads identify and implement culturally relevant practices to ensure that data are collected and analyzed in a way that is culturally responsive to community needs.
Through REL Pacific coaching sessions, participants will also learn effective practices for refining the tool based on indigenous data collection methods and on distributing the information collected to stakeholders. The coaching provided by REL Pacific is intended to help Hawai'i charter schools develop and strengthen practices that support charter school and student success.


Darienne Dey

Darienne Dey, research associate, provides research and consultation support for a variety of projects under the REL Pacific contract. Darienne earned an M.Ed. in Teaching through the Ho'okulāiwi Program at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa, a Hawai'i State Teaching License in Secondary Mathematics and Secondary Science, and a B.A. in Archaeology from Stanford University. Darienne is also currently earning a Ph.D. in Education at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa. Contact Darienne at or call 1.808.664.8177.



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