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What's Happening at REL Southeast

Feb 19

Georgia Department of Education Winter Institute
This session will provide participants an overview of the recommendations from the Institute of Education Sciences REL Southeast literacy tool Summer Reading Camp Self-study Guide and highlight activities that may be used to implement the recommendations in a summer reading camp setting... » more info

Feb 25

Georgia Dept. of Education Instructional Leadership Conference
This session will provide participants with an overview of the LEA Guide for Identifying Evidence-Based Interventions for School Improvement and provide them with the opportunity to engage in brief self-study activities... » more info

Feb 28

Institute of Education Science Practice Guide Recommendations to Prepare Preservice Teachers to Instruct Writing
The goals for this webinar are to increase the knowledge of faculty members at teacher preparation institutions of the recommendations from the IES practice guides Teaching Elementary Schools Students to Be Effective Writers and Teaching Secondary Students to Write Effectively, and to provide models for preservice teacher education writing methods of instruction... » more info

Mar 07

The Progression in Geometry and Measurement K–12
The goals for the workshop are to help teachers: (a) understand how the K–5 geometry and measurement standards support students’ work in algebraic thinking and fractions, (b) understand how the hands-on approach to geometry builds students intuitive understandings of congruence and similarity in grades 6–8, and (c) understand how to introduce students to abstract geometric reasoning and geometric modeling in high school... » more info

Personalization and Online Learning
The South Carolina Department of Education has developed a new personalized learning framework. Districts across South Carolina are using this framework as they explore, plan, and implement high quality systems for personalized learning. ... » more info

REL Southeast Training on Literacy Strategies for Adult Educators
During regional trainings across Florida during the spring and summer of 2018, REL Southeast staff presented multiple sessions on evidence-based literacy strategies for adult educators. ... » more info

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Newsletter mastheadJanuary 2019

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Leadership Characteristics and Practices in South Carolina Charter Schools

The purpose of this descriptive study was to identify characteristics of charter school leaders in South Carolina, determine how they spend their work hours, understand the time they spend on challenges to their work, and learn who influences their schools' policies.

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