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Improving Low-Performing Schools in Alabama

The Improving Low-Performing Schools in Alabama Research Alliance studies issues specific to improving student outcomes in K-12 schools that are identified as low-performing or Priority schools. The goal of the Improving Low-Performing Schools in Alabama Research Alliance is to form a professional learning community to build research capacity in support of improving the state’s Priority and Focus Schools.

  • Tony Thacker
    Program Coordinator, Research and Development
  • Christine Spear
    Education Administrator, Response to Instruction
  • Robin Nelson
    Program Coordinator, Instructional Services
  • Karen Anderson
    Education Administrator, School Improvement Grant, Turnaround School Leadership Program, and Project Alabama Consortium for Turnaround
  • Marcus Vandiver
    Education Administrator, Research and Development
  • Catherliene Williamson
    Regional Support Coordinator Regions 9 & 10
  • Jermall Wright
    Manager, Office of School Improvement


Archie HillArchie Hill

Dr. Archie Hill is a Research Associate with RMC Research Corporation. He provides professional development and technical assistance in the areas of school improvement, standards and assessments, and effective family and community engagement with a focus on improving literacy through partnerships in rural and disadvantaged communities. Prior to joining RMC, he worked as an analyst for Argonne National Laboratory where he conducted research on minority and low-income populations.