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Three-State Partnership on Student Success in Online Learning

The Three-State Partnership on Student Success in Online Learning is focused on establishing the foundations of a collaborative, data-intensive partnership among the statewide virtual schools in Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. The goal of the partnership is to collect and examine data that will help the schools better personalize studentsí online learning experiences.


  • Georgia Virtual School
  • Amanda Williamson, Director
  • Richard Copeland, Supervisor of Teacher Quality
  • Erin Hill, Supervisor of Instruction

  • North Carolina Virtual Public School
  • Rachel McBroom, Chief Academic Officer
  • Jen Currin, Instructional Director
  • Jennifer Nobles, Curriculum Director
  • Darlene Schaefer, Instructional Designer
  • Brandon Simmons, Curriculum Coordinator
  • Chris Smith, Instructional Designer

  • VirtualSC
  • Bradley Mitchell, Director
  • Catayah Clark, Instruction Team Leader
  • Deirdre Edwards, Curriculum Team Leader
  • Beverly Myers, Research and Planning Administrator
  • Sarah Rotereau, Student & School Services Team Leader


Diana SharpDiana Sharp