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Developing Emergent Literacy Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)


Sarah Hughes


What is a PLC?

To support the Southeast School Readiness Partnership, the REL Southeast developed a set of infographics on developing emergent literacy PLCs to help state education agencies, local education agencies, and early childhood center leaders implement evidence-based emergent literacy instruction.

The first infographic provides introductory information and embedded audio clips to cover topics such as What is a PLC?; What are the advantages of proving PLCs for educators in early childhood settings?; What do PLCs look like in early childhood settings?; What qualities should a PLC facilitator possess?; and What are some important considerations in developing early learning PLC materials?

The second infographic serves as quick reference guide for early childhood educational leaders as they implement the REL Southeast Early Literacy PLC and assist leaders as they develop and implement their own evidence-based PLCs to increase teacher knowledge.

This set of materials also includes an audio file. This audio file describes the evidence-base and key emergent literacy instructional strategies behind the use of professional learning communities. It includes a discussion with Dr. Marcia Kosanovich and Dr. Beth Phillips, principal investigators of the REL Southeast School Readiness Partnership.


Developing Early Literacy Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)
Planning Emergent Literacy Professional Learning Community (PLC) Content
Developing Early Literacy Professional Learning Communities & Materials to Support School Readiness