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Identifying Evidence-Based Interventions According to ESSA


Laurie Lee


This project trained State Education Agency (SEA) and Local Education Agency (LEA) staff in Mississippi on the LEA Guide for Identifying Evidence-Based Interventions for School Improvement developed by the Florida Center for Reading Research. The guide provides a structure for focused conversations centered on the evidence base for interventions that local education agencies might deem appropriate for school-turnaround efforts. The guide helps LEA staff identify and evaluate potential interventions using the ESSA evidence framework. The REL Southeast trained approximately 175 LEA staff in the spring of 2017 and about 50 SEA leads in the fall of 2017 so they could support the efforts of LEAs. Trainings will continue as requested from SEA and LEA leads as interest builds in other states based on the success of this project in Mississippi.


"This training was very helpful in providing the process of examining if interventions are evidence based and the level thereof and discussions with table members."

"The trainer provided a clear process for how to determine if the research is good for the district so that we will not be wasting our time on things that do not work. I really appreciated the review of the evidence based real life examples, who should be on the team, and roles of each person on the team and how to select appropriate interventions."