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Lessons will be modeled in a way that emphasizes the use of student work in teaching mathematical tasks as recommended in IES’ Teaching Strategies for Improving Algebra Knowledge in Middle and High School Students.

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Expressions, Equations, and Statistics
Ripley, MS | October 9, 2019

The goals for the workshop are to: (a) expose teachers and administrators to common misunderstandings and instructional strategies for teaching expressions and equations through student work (IES Algebra Practice Guide Recommendations 1 and 2); (b) help teachers and administrators learn how to teach students to evaluate and compare different strategies for solving problems (Algebra Recommendation 3); (c) model for teachers and administrators how to monitor and reflect on the discussion process to articulate the reasoning behind strategy choice and identify which strategy presented the most efficient means of obtaining the solution (Algebra Recommendation 3.2); (d) provide teachers and administrators with a listing of resources supported by the What Works Clearinghouse and the National Council for the Teachers of Mathematics; and (e) provide opportunities for participants to ask clarifying questions.

Tim Jacobbe, Ph.D., Southern Methodist University