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Training Educators Using the REL Southeast Implementing Evidence-Based Literacy Practices Roadmap


Barbara Foorman


During 2017-2018, the REL Southeast conducted multiple face-to-face trainings with state, district, and school educators in Mississippi, Florida, and North Carolina on the resources in their literacy roadmap. The roadmap is an infographic that guides educators along a pathway to implementing evidence-based literacy practices in a school improvement framework aligned to the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA): ESSA evidence levels, guidance about how to form SEA and LEA implementation teams, development of logic models and guides for implementing and evaluating evidence-based literacy practices, selecting appropriate evidence-based practices, implementing those practices, and evaluating the implementation on an ongoing basis. Trainings will continue through June, 2019.


"I really enjoyed learning about the practice guide and facilitation of the Professional Learning Community. Thank you! Great team of facilitators, very knowledgeable! Thanks for sharing your expertise!"

"The reading strategies shared were very helpful. Working with English Learner students is a challenge, so having proven strategies to teach reading in the classroom is very valuable."


Implementing evidence-based literacy practices roadmap

Implementing evidence-based literacy practices roadmap video