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Preparing Partners for the Emergent Literacy Professional Learning Communities Project


Sarah Hughes

teacher with young children


Beginning in December 2017, REL Southeast provided four coaching sessions for the Southeast School Readiness Partnership to introduce and coach partners in creating collaborative learning experiences. The focus of the coaching sessions was to build background knowledge and understanding of early education research, emergent literacy content and evidence-based instruction, planning and implementing effective professional learning communities, and planning for PLC trainings. The coaching sessions were organized into four separate webinars and formed the foundation for the development of the Professional Learning Community: Emergent Literacy materials and dissemination plan. Click here to learn more about the Developing an Early Literacy Professional Learning Community tool, currently in development.


Webinar 1: Identifying Evidence-Based Content in Early Childhood
Webinar 2: Assembling a Consortium of Early Childhood Stakeholders to Participate in Professional Learning Communities
Webinar 3: Developing Professional Learning Community Materials
Webinar 4: Conceptualizing a Plan to Conduct Effective PLC Facilitator Trainings