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Integrating Reading Foundations: A Tool for College Instructors of Pre-service Teachers

Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Southeast has developed a tool for college instructors of pre-service teachers to supplement the What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) practice guide Foundational Skills to Support Reading for Understanding in Kindergarten Through 3rd Grade. This resource complements and extends the practice guide by providing lessons to assist college instructors in building pre-service teachers' knowledge of evidence-based strategies for helping students in kindergarten through grade 3 acquire the language and literacy skills to succeed academically.

Each lesson includes the following:

  • A recommendation reminder that provides a snapshot of the WWC practice guide recommendation and how-to steps for pre-service teachers.
  • Guidance to support college instructors as they teach pre-service teachers about a specific skill, why it is important in learning to read, and how to support that skill in the classroom.
  • Videos that explain foundational reading skills and demonstrate the use of activities intended to improve foundational reading skills among students in grades K-3. Pre-service teachers are asked to complete a video reflection worksheet for each video.
  • Activities for pre-service teachers to complete with peers in the college setting that reinforce foundational skills taught to students in grades K-3.
  • Observation forms to be used in the practicum setting that include guiding questions related to each recommendation to help pre-service teachers compare newly learned strategies to observed practices.

Tool and Videos

PDF File View, download, and print the full tool as a PDF file

  • A direct link to the Appendix section is listed below.
    PDF File Appendix

Video Title Link To YouTube
Video 1: Inferential Language, Read Aloud & Discussion YouTube
Video 2: Inferential Language, Read Aloud & Discussion YouTube
Video 3: Narrative Language, Connectives YouTube
Video 4: Narrative Language, Prediction YouTube
Video 5: Narrative Language, Retell YouTube
Video 6: Narrative Language, Main Idea YouTube
Video 7: Narrative Language, Cause & Effect YouTube
Video 8: Morphology YouTube
Video 9: Academic Vocabulary in Text YouTube
Video 10: Sentence Segmentation YouTube
Video 11: Compound Words YouTube
Video 12: Syllables YouTube
Video 13: Rhyme YouTube
Video 14: Onset & Rime YouTube
Video 15: Phonemes Linked to Letters YouTube
Video 16: Phonemes YouTube
Video 17: Letter–Sounds YouTube
Video 18: Word-Building YouTube
Video 19: Letter–Sound to Phonemic Awareness Link: CVCe YouTube
Video 20: Advanced Word-Building YouTube
Video 21: Blending by Chunking; Blending by Sounding Out YouTube
Video 22: Building Words with Sound Boxes YouTube
Video 23: Vowel Pattern Word Sort YouTube
Video 24: Base Word, Prefix, Suffix YouTube
Video 25: Syllable Sort YouTube
Video 26: Contractions YouTube
Video 27 Derivational Suffix YouTube
Video 28: Word Analysis Strategy YouTube
Video 29: Decodable Words in Isolation and in Text YouTube
Video 30: High-Frequency Words YouTube
Video 31: Non-Decodable Words YouTube
Video 32: Word Reading Strategies YouTube
Video 33: The Fix It Game YouTube
Video 34: Repeated Reading YouTube
Video 35: Partner Reading YouTube
Video 36: Choral Reading YouTube
Video 37: Echo Reading YouTube
Video 38: Alternated Reading YouTube
Video 39: Competency‑Based Education (CBE) Framework Series: CBE Defined YouTube