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Making Sense of School Resource Allocation Literature: Coaching for District Leaders


Dr. Zena Rudo


school resource allocation literature

In partnership with the Georgia District and School Flexibility Support Research Alliance, coaching was provided to four, rural Strategic Waiver School Systems (SWSS) and Charter Systems to assist them in meeting their required performance targets. The participants received a synthesis of resource allocation research and processes and templates to develop action plans to implement innovative strategies using available flexibilities.

The literature synthesis of school resource allocation research and facilitated coaching sessions that the REL Southeast team provided to the alliance members and SWSS and Charter System administrators had the following outcomes:

  • District leaders developed action plans aligned with their waivers that incorporated new knowledge of resource allocation research to meet performance contract goals.
  • District leaders increased their capacity to think through processes to prepare them to plan for evidence-based strategies for future implementation of waivers.
  • Georgia Department of Education leaders gained an increased understanding of the strategies planned and implemented by the four participating SWSS and Charter Systems to meet their performance contracts.