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Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, & Texas

Louisiana Charter Schools Research Alliance, REL Southwest

This alliance, consisting of charter school educators, researchers, policymakers, and other stakeholders in the state, uses data and evidence to investigate factors affecting student achievement and to explore indicators of program quality and effectiveness among Louisiana charter schools.

Student walking through a school gate emblazoned with a crest
Alliance Work

Work in Progress: Key Indicator Study to Identify Promising Operational, Organizational, and Instructional Features of New Orleans Charter Schools

Work in Progress: Special Education Longitudinal Enrollment Study for Louisiana Public Charter Schools

Bridge Event: Bridging Research, Policy, and Practice in Early Childhood Education, December 20, 2015

Other Alliance Work:

Expert Panel: Spotlight on Special Education II, May 6, 2014

Expert Panel: Spotlight on Special Education I, March 24, 2014

Workshop: Using Data to Guide Instruction in a Culturally Responsive Environment, August 4–5, 2016

Workshop: Framing Your Research Agenda Using a Research Continuum, December 6, 2013

Research Questions:

  • Data Availability and Use
    • What extant data relevant to achievement gaps in Louisiana are available at the federal, state, and local levels to help the Louisiana Charter Schools Research Alliance members focus their research agenda and inform their study designs? And what are the gaps in the existing data?
  • Special Education
    • What are the dimensions of the special education enrollment gap between charter and traditional public schools in Louisiana?
    • What student enrollment behaviors and/or school practices—such as grade level of intake, persistence of enrollments, and identification and decertification rates—are associated with changes in the special education enrollment gap between charter and traditional public schools?

Geographical Areas Served:


Member Organizations:

  • Andrew H. Wilson Charter School
  • Audubon Charter School/L'Ecole Franco-Americaine
  • Benjamin Franklin High School
  • Cowen Institute for Public Education Initiatives, Tulane University
  • Cypress Academy
  • Eastbank Collaborative of Charter Schools
  • Einstein Elementary Charter School
  • Hynes Charter School
  • International School of Louisiana
  • Lake Forest Elementary Charter School
  • Louisiana Association of Public Charter Schools
  • Louisiana Department of Education
  • Lusher Charter School
  • Morris Jeff Community School
  • New Beginnings Schools Foundation
  • New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics High School
  • Robert Russa Moton Charter School
  • School Leadership Center of Greater New Orleans
  • Tulane University
  • University of New Orleans
  • Warren Easton Charter High School
  • Xavier University of Louisiana

Contact Information:

Darlene Brown, PhD, Alliance Liaison
(800) 644-8671

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