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Our Work

Regional needs drive the focus of our work. We seek regular input from many sources, including our research partnerships and Governing Board, REL stakeholder feedback surveys, Ask A REL submissions, conversations with state and district officials, and relevant news and articles. We listen and respond to the priorities of regional stakeholders to help them address pressing education issues using evidence-based decisionmaking.

Research-practice partnerships

We facilitate collaborative research partnerships with education practitioners, policymakers, and other partners to address high-leverage education needs in our region and ensure that our work is field-initiated, relevant, and useful.

Applied research

We conduct studies to address our partnerships’ research questions, advance understanding, and support evidence-based decisionmaking in education.

Training, coaching, and technical support

We provide training, coaching, and technical support to build regional capacity in using data and research evidence to inform education policy, programs, and practice.


We host events ranging from virtual webinars to conferences to help translate research into practice. Miss an event? Browse our archived events for recordings, presentation slides, and handouts.

Other services and resources

We provide services and resources to share research and evidence-based policies, programs, and practices.

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Featured Product