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Research-to-Practice Bridge Event

High-Leverage Practices: Supporting Students with Low-Incidence Disabilities in Inclusive Classrooms

Thursday, October 17, 2019

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Facilitated Discussion

This webinar describes effective classroom practices that general education teachers can use to encourage access for students with low-incidence disabilities to core curriculum and instruction.

In this interactive webinar, participants will hear an expert overview by Tessie Bailey, Ph.D., principal technical assistance consultant at the American Institutes for Research (AIR). Dr. Bailey will provide background information, including legislation, definitions, an introduction to high-leverage practices (HLPs), and the research base for this work. Afterward, Nicole Pyle, Ph.D., associate professor at Utah State University, will present a deep dive on three specific HLPs that teachers can easily implement, noting their research base, as well as actions teachers can take in lesson planning and delivery. A question-and-answer session with Dr. Bailey and Dr. Pyle will follow. Last, Portia Bradford, a teacher at Louisiana Key Academy, will discuss and reflect on her experience implementing similar practices. The webinar will conclude with another question-and-answer session.

Participants can expect to:

  • Increase their understanding of the instructional needs of students with low-incidence disabilities (in a broad sense) and the challenges associated with supporting them in inclusive classrooms.
  • Become aware of HLPs and their evidence base for supporting students with low-incidence disabilities.
  • Gain skills and knowledge to implement three instructional HLPs that can be used to teach students with low-incidence disabilities in inclusive classrooms.


  • Tessie Bailey, Ph.D., Principal Technical Assistance Consultant, AIR
  • Nicole Pyle, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Utah State University
  • Portia Bradford, Teacher, Louisiana Key Academy


  • Robyn Madison-Harris, Ed.D., Senior Technical Assistance Consultant, REL Southwest
  • Lacy Wood, Principal Technical Assistance Consultant, REL Southwest
  • Katelyn Lee, Technical Assistance Consultant, AIR

Who will benefit: Practitioners, regular and special needs teachers, counselors, central office staff, school-level leadership, teacher preparation program faculty, and parent advocate groups interested in this topic

Sponsor: Southwest Teacher Preparation and Professional Development Research Partnership

Lacy Wood
REL Southwest Dissemination Director