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Research-to-Practice Bridge Event

How School Climate and Social-Emotional Learning Can Support Education Transitions and Student Outcomes

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

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Introduction and overview

REL Southwest study

Researcher perspective

Practitioner perspective

This free webinar explores how school climate and social-emotional learning (SEL) can support education transitions and student outcomes.

In this interactive webinar, Ginger Stoker, Ph.D., and Brenda Arellano, Ph.D., REL Southwest senior researchers, present the key findings from REL Southwest’s study on noncognitive skills and school environments in students’ transitions to high school. A question-and-answer session will follow.

Next, Juliette Berg, Ph.D., a senior researcher at the American Institutes for Research (AIR), will share information and research on school climate and SEL, including how an integrated approach to both can strengthen outcomes across the school community.

Wehmah Jones, Ph.D., a senior researcher at AIR, then will explore how districts and schools are implementing policies to support a positive school climate and SEL and discuss implications for practical application.

Last, a practitioner, Suzanne Nguyen-Wisneski of Rio Rancho Public Schools in New Mexico, will reflect on the information presented and discuss strategies her district uses to support a positive school climate and student transitions. A question-and-answer session will conclude the webinar.

Participants can expect to:

  • Understand and plan to apply the findings from the REL Southwest report to transitioning students within their educational contexts.
  • Understand the importance of school climate and noncognitive factors, such as SEL, in supporting education transitions and promoting student outcomes.
  • Hear about examples of district and school policies and strategies concerning implementation of school climate and SEL.


  • Ginger Stoker, Ph.D., Senior Researcher, REL Southwest
  • Juliette Berg, Ph.D., Senior Researcher, AIR
  • Wehmah Jones, Ph.D., Senior Researcher, AIR
  • Suzanne Nguyen-Wisneski, Executive Director, Federal, Bilingual and Native American Programs, Rio Rancho Public Schools, New Mexico


  • Brenda Arellano, Ph.D., Senior Researcher, REL Southwest
  • Lacy Wood, Principal Technical Assistance Consultant, REL Southwest
  • Katelyn Lee, Technical Assistance Consultant, AIR

Who will benefit: Principals, instructional coaches, teachers, district superintendents, state education staff, and others interested in this topic

Sponsor: Southwest English Learners Research Partnership

Lacy Wood