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Highlighting the evidence behind strategic school actions and school improvement strategies

February 2022

Understanding the evidence behind whole-school interventions and school improvement strategies can help states and districts be more intentional in adopting policies and strategies that can turn around their lowest performing schools. This REL Southwest infographic highlights four whole-school interventions, or strategic school actions, for improving student outcomes at low-performing schools.

Through the Southwest School Improvement Research Partnership, REL Southwest works with the Texas Education Agency and other partners to support high-quality schools across Texas. To inform school improvement activities statewide, the partnership reviewed research evidence about the four strategic school actions shown in the graphic. The partnership also reviewed evidence about two particular school improvement strategies that align with support opportunities under the Texas School Action Fund: high-dosage tutoring and expanded learning time.

Click on each school action or strategy in the infographic to access a related REL Southwest video and learn more about the evidence.

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