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Lessons Learned From a Statewide District-Managed Restart Strategy for Low-Performing Schools in Texas

August 2022

The Texas Education Agency offers grants for districts, through the Texas School Action Fund, to implement one of four school turnaround strategies at low-performing schools. One of the four strategies that districts may choose to implement is the district-managed restart strategy. In Texas, districts can implement this restart strategy as a holistic and comprehensive approach that includes five core components.

in Texas, 29 schools across four districts implemented the district-managed restart strategy between 2015/16 and 2018/19. REL Southwest’s School Improvement Research Partnership with the Texas Education Agency to better understand their implementation of the district-managed restart strategy and its effects on principal and teacher mobility, student achievement, and student attendance.

This infographic highlights key findings from the study. State leaders in Texas can use these findings to make decisions about continuing to offer grants for districts to implement the district-managed restart strategy in their low-performing schools.