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Other Collaborations

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Upon request, REL Southwest provides more immediate assistance to state and local education agencies in our region through collaborations of shorter duration. These short-term partnerships may provide training, coaching, and analytic technical support, including data analysis.

To explore a collaboration with REL Southwest, please contact Lynn Mellor at

Postsecondary Transitions for Students with Disabilities in Texas

REL Southwest is working with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB), the Texas Education Agency, Texas community colleges, and other partners to examine and provide systematic evidence on transitions from high school for students with disabilities, with a focus on transitions to postsecondary education. REL Southwest will examine whether Texas students who received special education services under an individualized education plan while in high school went on to enroll in college, whether they self-identified in college as having a disability, whether they had access to the full array of services and supports necessary to meet their individual needs, and their level of academic success.