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Coaching to Support a Focus Group Study of Biliteracy Seal Implementation

The New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED) offers a state Biliteracy-Bilingualism Seal that students can earn alongside their high school diploma. To qualify, students must demonstrate biliteracy proficiency through one of four pathways (including a pathway for Native American tribal language certification by an individual tribe).

Through a series of coaching sessions, REL Southwest assisted NMPED in conducting a focus group study to better understand the approaches and challenges districts and schools face as they promote and implement the SSBB. Coaching support included helping NMPED partners design the study, develop focus group protocols for multiple stakeholders, learn moderator techniques, conduct the focus groups, and analyze the qualitative results. Last, REL Southwest staff worked with NMPED to share findings from the focus groups across the state and use the findings to inform revisions to their guidance and resource supports for districts and schools implementing the SSBB to address common challenges in implementation. Improving these supports is expected to improve the implementation of the SSBB and increase the number of students who pursue and earn the Seal in the state.

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Session 1: Initial Planning

Session 2: Protocol Review, Sampling, and Recruitment

Session 3: Finalize Protocol, Discuss Coding Plan, and Learn Moderator Techniques

Focus Groups

Session 4: Coding Focus Group Data

Session 5: Analysis of Focus Group Data

Session 6: Review Findings and Discuss Implications