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Planning for an Early Learning Inventory Pilot Study

This coaching project is part of a larger effort to support the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) in using an early learning inventory (ELI) to assess children’s knowledge and skills at kindergarten entry and to provide data to improve state-funded early learning programs. Through a series of coaching sessions, REL Southwest and OSDE staff adapted an existing ELI for use in a pilot study, developed resources and training materials to support teachers in implementing the ELI for the pilot study, recruited local education agencies to participate in the pilot study, and developed data collection measures to learn about implementation challenges and teacher outcomes from the ELI pilot study. The goals of the coaching project were to help OSDE create a pilot study of ELI implementation that would provide data to inform the training resources and guidance necessary to promote a successful state roll-out of the voluntary ELI.

Related research partnership: Southwest Early Childhood Education Research Partnership


Session 1: Adapting an Existing Measure for the ELI Pilot

Session 2: Planning and Development of Resources and Training for the ELI Pilot

Session 3: Pilot Study Planning

Session 4: Development of Teacher Survey for the ELI Pilot

Session 5: Development of Teacher Focus Groups for the ELI Pilot