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Understanding and Applying the Evidence Base for the Texas Education Agency’s Strategic School Actions

REL Southwest developed a six-video training series to inform the Texas Education Agency’s (TEA) efforts to support low-performing schools as they implement strategic school actions. Texas public schools identified by TEA as low-performing for three years in a row must implement these actions, which consist of a set of whole-school reform strategies that allow for flexibility and incentivize partnerships (for example, with charter and education management organizations and higher performing schools). The video series highlights the evidence base related to strategic school actions, including two priority components: high-dosage tutoring and expanded learning time.

The project’s goal was to expand TEA’s knowledge of research on whole-school reform models and inform the types of supports provided to districts implementing these models and strategies, with the long-term goal of increasing the number of Texas students attending high-performing schools. Prior to completing the video series, REL Southwest conducted logic model training with TEA staff in the Southwest School Improvement Research Partnership.

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