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Walking in Both Worlds: Native American Students and Language Acquisition

June 2020

This mini-documentary highlights how New Mexico researchers and educators are supporting native language acquisition, development, and preservation as well as English language acquisition and development among Native American students.

Every Child Shines: Using Formative Assessment to Reflect on Children’s Individual Knowledge and Skills

October 2019

Formative assessment is an effective way to learn about each child’s knowledge, skills, and abilities. This video provides an introduction to the use of formative assessment in prekindergarten and kindergarten classrooms, including best practices and benefits.

How Noncognitive Factors and School Environments Correspond to Students’ Transitions to High School

November 2018

This video highlights how student perceptions of academic supports, high school transitions, and school environment correspond to high school success outcomes, particularly for American Indian and Hispanic students.

Studying the Validity of New Mexico's Kindergarten Observation Tool

December 2017

REL Southwest partnered with the New Mexico Public Education Department and the Central Region Educational Cooperative to examine the validity of New Mexico’s new Kindergarten Observation Tool (KOT). This video provides an overview of the KOT and the study’s findings.

REL Southwest: A Dynamic, Responsive Approach

November 2017

In this video, six of our former Governing Board members discuss the importance of the REL work in their states and the impacts they have seen.

Implementing a Data Literate Culture in a Rural Setting in Oklahoma

October 2017

In this video, principals and teachers at Homer Elementary in Byng Public Schools, a rural district in Oklahoma, describe the progress made a year after REL Southwest provided the district with support on using data to inform classroom instruction.

Collaborative Research with the New Mexico Achievement Gap Research Alliance

March 2016

Members of our former New Mexico Achievement Gap Research Alliance share their experiences developing a research agenda through a collaborative research partnership.

Video Series: Early Warning Systems for English Learners

October 2016

This three‐part series discusses the use of early warning systems to identify and support English learners at risk of falling behind academically or of dropping out.

Video Series: Professional Learning Communities Facilitator's Guide for the Teaching Academic Content and Literacy to English Learners in Elementary and Middle School Practice Guide

July 2015

This series of 23 videos describes evidence-based practices for teaching academic content and literacy to English learners in elementary and middle school. The series includes teachers modeling the practices in real-life classrooms.