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Supporting Long Term English Learner Students in Mastering Academic English: A Framework for Success

Date: November 16, 2016
Location: Webinar

In the course of their education, some English learner (EL) students may take more time than is expected to achieve sufficient English proficiency to be reclassified as a fluent English speaker, or may never achieve reclassification at all. These long term English learner students, or LTELs, often lag behind their peers in academic achievement and college or career readiness.

In this webinar, two experts in the field of EL education shared promising strategies and practices to support LTEL students – and all EL students generally – in English writing and academic literacy. In sharing the research base and their experience in using these high-leverage practices, the presenters encouraged participants to consider the coordination of practices with a framework for building LTEL students’ academic language development and educational success. As a result of their participation, webinar attendees:

  • Explored promising practices and strategies that support the specific needs of ELs/LTELs; and
  • Understood the importance of coordinating initiatives to provide comprehensive support to ELs/LTELs.


Julie Goldman Julie Goldman is the Coordinator of Learning and Leadership Services for the San Diego County Office of Education. In this role, she leads over 100 K-12 literacy coaches statewide, designs and facilitates research-based professional learning around academic literacy, directs and implements state and federal grants, and creates and manages innovative digital literacy curricula. Throughout her career as a K-16 educator in the U.S. and abroad, Julie has focused her work on bridging research and practice to improve student achievement.

Leslie Hamburger As Associate Director of WestEd’s Quality Teaching for English Learners (QTEL) project, Leslie Hamburger focuses on the administration of QTEL and its strategic development. Hamburger also works with school and district instructional leaders in support of QTEL implementation at their local sites. Prior to joining WestEd, Hamburger was an assistant principal in a large comprehensive high school, where she was responsible for promoting mathematics reform, curricular alignment, implementation of content standards, a schoolwide testing program, and increased student achievement.

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Supporting LTEL Students in Mastering Academic English

Julie Goldman & Leslie Hamburger