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English learner achievement

To figure out better ways to serve their English language learner (ELL) students, the state departments of education in the West Region states of Arizona, Nevada, and Utah, who are members of the English Learner Alliance, asked REL West to help them put together a more detailed picture of two particular groups of K–12 ELL students who seem to stall out in their progress toward English language proficiency and/or academic achievement. The study looked specifically at students who did not pass their state's English proficiency (ELP) test within the expected time frame. The second group of students included in the study are those who passed the ELP test but had not yet passed the state's English language arts (ELA) test.

This issue of the REL West Research Digest features an interview with Eric Haas, a senior research associate at WestEd who leads REL West staff providing the alliance technical assistance and data analysis.

The digest also describes two REL West events focused on implementation of the Common Core State Standards for English language learners, with links to event videos and materials. Links to REL and IES publications about ELL teaching and learning are also featured.


Long-Term EL Students (English Learner Students)

Publication Type
Research Digest

Publication Date
May 1, 2014