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Nationwide, students with disabilities drop out of school at higher rates and graduate at lower rates than students in the general education population. And research indicates that students who fail to graduate from high school are more likely to experience unemployment, underemployment, poverty, health problems, and incarceration than students who earn a diploma.

While these statistics are clearly troubling, they don’t tell the entire story. That’s because students with disabilities are not a homogenous group. REL West researchers have conducted research with state and district partners, analyzing student data to uncover a fuller understanding of students with different kinds of disabilities.

The work has taken place through three REL West alliances — one focused on Utah students, one focused on Nevada students, and one focused on English learner students across multiple states — and is summarized in this Research Digest.


Students with Disabilities (Supporting the Whole Child)

Publication Type
Research Digest

Publication Date
November 1, 2015