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Every Student, Every Day: A Multi-Tiered Approach to Reducing Chronic Absence in Elementary School

Chronic absence can have lasting negative effects on student achievement, beginning as early as kindergarten. The video and accompanying resources on this page are designed to show how schools and districts can use data to design and carry out strategies to reduce chronic absence—from building community awareness to providing intensive one-on-one support for students and families.

Start here: Watch the video

This video describes the prevalence, causes, and academic consequences of chronic absenteeism nationally. It also shares multi-tiered interventions that school districts in California’s rural Central Valley are taking to support students to come to school every day. Viewers will gain a better understanding of what a multi-tiered approach to improving attendance looks like in the elementary grades.

Learn more about the school districts fighting chronic absence

The Attendance Matters! Video Collection page features videos and further details about how each of the three Central Valley school districts are reducing chronic absences.

  • To learn more about how a superhero-themed public outreach campaign is supporting a comprehensive approach to good attendance, check out the video from Parlier School District.
  • To hear about how schools and school-based health centers are working together to do “whatever it takes” to keep kids in school, check out the video from Kerman Unified School District.
  • To watch students and teachers demonstrate “Operation Healthy Hands,” a program designed to reduce common childhood illnesses in the early grades, check out the video from Tulare City School District.

Ready to take action?

Use the resources below to inform your implementation of a multi-tiered approach to supporting attendance at your school or district. These resources are intended to help educators better understand what local interventions are already in place and what is needed to strengthen their interventions to reduce chronic absence.


Reducing Chronic Absence (Supporting the Whole Child)

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Resource Collection

Central Valley Rural Education and Health Alliance

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April 23, 2019