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Moving from Local to Regional Data-Driven Decisionmaking for Rural Career Pathways Collaboratives

This REL West video and the associated resources are designed to help rural cross-sector leaders prepare for and engage in cross-sector data work to inform the development of education and career pathways in their regions. Drawing on the work of the California Rural Partnerships Alliance, the video provides evidence-based strategies to “build a case” for partnering around career pathways, targeting your current and prospective partners; outline some cultural and structural factors that help “pave the way” for successful cross-sector collaboration; and “take action” to use data to inform the development of career pathways and improve them over time. A video discussion and reflection guide will help viewers make the most of the video.

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Career Pathways (Postsecondary Pathways)

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California Rural Partnerships Alliance

Publication Date
January 19, 2021