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Principal Retention in Arizona, Nevada, and Utah (2016–2020)

Principals influence student learning (Grissom et al., 2021). They serve as site administrators and instructional leaders, working to promote school stability, advance student success, and engage the local community (Blanchard et al., 2019). When a leader departs a school, it can have a negative impact, leading to staff turnover and impeding student achievement for several years (Henry & Harbatkin, 2019).

Principal retention is thus a key area of concern for many local and state education agencies across the U.S. Derived from a recent REL West study (Makkonen & Jaquet, 2021), this infographic displays the percentage of school principals in fall 2016 in each county in Arizona, Nevada, and Utah that were still leading a school in the same county in fall 2020.

The infographic also features data tables for each state presenting the specific four-year retention rates for each county that employed at least five principals in fall 2016. The four-year county-level retention rates varied from 40.0 percent to 64.0 percent in Arizona (averaging 57.0 percent statewide), from 16.7 percent to 69.9 percent in Nevada (averaging 51.1 percent statewide), and from 25.0 percent to 88.9 percent in Utah (averaging 61.8 percent statewide).


Supporting Principals (Educator Development)

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Educator Effectiveness Alliance

Publication Date
November 8, 2021